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Flat roof renovation

Are you looking for a new flat roof on your garage, house, or annex?
Then Trudodak is the right place for you!

Roofing: installing a flat roof

A flat roof has a tougher time dealing with different weather cicumstances than a slanted roof, and it of course always needs to be waterproof.
Imagine a fierce shower; falling on a slanted roof it just falls of, but on a flat roof it has to dry up. This makes the lifespan of a flat roof shorter than a slanted one. Nevertheless we don’t want you to have renovate your roof too often. That’s why our flat roofs are of high quality, because you do not want to experience a roof renovation too often. Yet, renovating a flat roof is absolutely a possibility at Trudodak, and you can get a estimate of the costs over to the right. Every roof has a lifespan, so every roof needs replacing some day.
Below are the materials used to fight off the many different weather circumstances:

Bitument roofing

Covering your roof with bitumen has been the most popular roofing for flat roofs for years. It is made during the production of crude oil. The durable material bitumen is easy to place, resistant to all Dutch weather circumstances, and it makes sure your home is dry and protected for another 25 years.

You might ask why we don’t mention the use of PVC or EPDM. We at Trudodak are honest towards our customers, and want to guarantee quality. PVC and EPDM roofing are significantly more expensive than bitumen roofing, even though it barely gives any benefits, and its lifespan is comparable to that of bitumen roofing. Replacing bitumen roofing also lies within the range of possibilities.

Bitumen roofing is a sustainable roofing with a high level of waterproofness. Bitumen is a thick liquid made from crude oil. Because of its thicknes it’s extremely suitable roofing material. De upper layer is available in different qualities and colors, so you can completely customize it according to your preferences. The costs of placing or replacing bitumen can be requested to the right.

Advantages of a bitumen roofing

  • Durable form of roofing (around 15 years)
  • Easy to apply, even on more complexely shaped roofs
  • Higher level of waterresistance
  • Available in different colors

Costs renovating flat roof

The costs of renovating a flat roof are of course wildly different from repairing a flat roof. The costs of building a flat roof from wood is also different from other materials. Roofing a new flat roof is of course different from restoring a flat roof. Even the roof finishing differs per new flat roof. Because there are so many differences between differen types of flat roofing, you can get a quotation here on the right, so you know exactly what building a flat roof will cost for you. Of course we deliver the new flat roof waterproof, even if it’s made out of wood. Below you can ask for the price per m2 of a flat roof isolation, or a flat roof replacement.

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