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Roofer Bergeijk

Do you live in Bergeijk and are you in need of a roofer? Trudodak roofer Bergeijk is working with an experienced team of roofers and would be pleased to help you with all of your roofing jobs. We do not charge travel costs in the entirety of the region around Bergeijk.

We execute almost all roofing related construction jobs. Replacing flat roofs with bitumen roofing, installing entirely new roofs, but we are also pleased to help you with small reparations.

Roof reparations by roofer Bergeijk

Are you experiencing leakages in your roof? We understand the severity of the situation, and that it needs to be dealt with quickly. Since Trudodak is active in the region, a roofer is always nearby. We thus aim to execute each reparation within 24 hours. Trudodak ensures all customers have a dry home!

Installing a new roof

In the pas 40 years we executed multiple small and large projects. These projects include terraced houses, but also installing roofs on hotels (e.g. hotel Benno). When considering installing a new roof, things like dormers and skylights of course lie within the possibilities.

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Roof reparations

It often occurs that while a roof is still in good shape, small leakages form or other reparations are necessary. When left untreated, these small problems can quickly turn in to large damages. This is why we advise to call upon a professional roofer like Trudodak as soon as possible after finding those small problems.

Roof cleaning by roofer Bergeijk

It can occur that after a while, dirt starts piling up on your roof tiles. Thanks to our method we can make sure your tiled roof or flat roof can be cleaned professionally. This does not only ensure that your roof is shining again, but it also prevents leakages in the long run.

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Roof inspection

Sometimes there are defects in your roof that are not easily spotted. By letting a professional roofer inspect your roof, these hidden defects quickly come to light. Have you never had your roof inspected? Then an inspection is the perfect way to prevent damage to your roof in the future!

Request obligation free quotation

Do you want to know more about the things that Trudodak can do for you? Do not hesitate to quickly request an obligation free quotation, in order for us to quickly and accurately advise you.

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