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Are you looking for a new tiled roof, or do your current roof tiles have to be replaced? If your home is a small terraced house, or a big detached villa, if its old or new, we will lay new tiles, take care of the repairs of several roof riles, or place tiles on an entirely new roof. We have all the necessary materials like scaffolding, elevators and professional personnel in order to realise a new tiled roof.

Trudodak offers a wide choice in different roof tiles and isolation possibilities. There are different possibilities for isolating your current roof aswell.

Possibilities new tiled roof

When replacing or repairing your roof tiles there are several possibilities. We can remove tiles and reuse them if you decide to only add new isolation. We remove the tiles and some of the roofing construction, after which we apply an isolation plate to your choice, and then rebuild the roof. This way we can renew your roof tiles entirely.

If you choose to isolate your roof the isolation plate is applied to the current roof construction, after which the new roofing is applied. If possible, the old roof tiles are reused. This way we can replace your tiled roof cheaply.

Advantages of roof tiles

Why would you pick roof tiles and not another material?

  • Long lifespan
  • Weather resistant
  • Easy to maintain
  • Good fire safety
  • Quick placement

If you have your roofing done with roof tiles, you should never have to worry about your roof again. There are 2 popular types of roof tiles in the Netherlands. These types are ceramic roof tiles and concrete roof tiles. Both types are good tiles, and live up to expectations.

Concrete roof tiles are made by pouring cement in a mould, and then letting it harden. The concrete roof tiles can be finished with a colored croatig. This is very much recommended, as it smoothens the surface, giving your roof a better protection against mosses and algae. This not only improves your roofs lifespan, but its appearance aswell. The colored coating is available in many different colors, so grey is not your only option.

2 reasons to choose concrete roof tiles:

  1. Financial: If you are looking for the cheapest option, then concrete roof tiles are perfect for this, Concrete roof tiles are cheaper to buy than ceramic, and also cheaper to lay. Concrete roof tiles are larger than ceramic tiles, so they are quicker and easier to place.
  2. Dimensionally stable: Concrete roof tiles are dimensionally stable, meaning they don’t shrink or expand at different temperatures. A stable roofing to protect you and your belongings. Concrete tiles are relatively heavy aswell, which is helpful in the rough storms in the Netherlands.

Ceramic roof tiles

Ceramic roof tiles are made out of clay. Did you know this clay comes from Dutch rives like the Rhine and the Maas? Rivers produce clay constantly, which makes the supply inexhaustible; a perfect building material. In order to make ceramic tiles, clay is pressed in to moulds, which then go in the oven. At high temperatures, the clay will be baked into hard roof tiles. If you choose ceramic roof tiles with a built-in glazing, then you guarantee the longest lifespan. This glazing also works, just as concrete roof tiles, as protection against mosses and algae. This way the roof stays pretty to look at, and dirt just glides of the ceramic roof tiles.

2 reasons to pick ceramic roof tiles:

  1. Long lifespan: Ceramic roof tiles can have a lifespan of up to a 100 years. This long lifespan is mainly thanks to the glazing, and good maintenance.
  2. Fit for complex roofs: If there are many bumps and uneven parts in your roof, then the ceramic roof tiles are for you. Laying roof tiles on uneven roofs is easy with all the available tools with ceramic tools. The result is a neatly finished look, and less sensitive places for leakages.

Price laying new roof tiles and replacing current roof tiles

If you want to know the costs per m2 of laying new roof tiles, or just replacing a couple tiles? Everything is possible. Fact remains the tiles need to be laid well, it doesn’t matter how. Request a free quotation below. This way you can quickly find out the costs of replacing your roof tiles. The price of replacing your roof tiles is of course completely dependent on your wishes, and you will get a customized quotation. Read more about the costs of a new roof here.

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