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You like to keep your roof intact. Late maintenance of the roof can lead to leaks and other annoying problems. If a roof is not regularly maintained, you may be faced with unpleasant surprises, such as expensive repairs or – in the worst case – replacement of the roof. To prevent this, it is advisable to maintain the roof properly. In this way you ensure that your roof is always in top condition and can withstand (wind) gusts and rain showers.

The need for roof maintenance

A roof also has to endure a lot without extreme weather conditions, such as a storm or hail. Sun, rain and a polluted air constantly leave their mark on the roof. Roofs that face the North, and therefore receive little sun, are extra prone to moss and dirt – with possible damage as a result. It is therefore necessary to maintain the roof regularly. It is better to prevent problems than to “cure” them. With roof maintenance you ensure that your roof is always in top condition, with which you can extend the lifespan by up to 10 years.

How is the roof maintained?

First the roof is checked for defects. The roof is then cleaned and, where necessary, repaired or replaced.


By cleaning and removing moss from your roof cracks and leaks are prevented. The roof also looks radiant again after cleaning. The roof is usually cleaned with a high pressure spray. The rain drain is shut off to prevent pieces of moss from clogging the drainpipe. After cleaning the roof, the drain, roof gutter and downspout are also thoroughly cleaned.

Repairs and replacements

Different parts of the roof, such as the covering, the construction and also the zinc works, are examined. Damages and defects are detected in a timely manner. Minor repairs are carried out and parts are replaced if necessary.

New roofing

Roofing usually lasts for 30 to 50 years, so over time it can be replaced. Roof tiles can also be killed, brittle or so dirty that they can no longer be cleaned and must therefore be replaced.


In some cases it is advisable to renovate the entire roof. For example, it may be that the roof construction starts to show defects or that the insulation leaves something to be desired. Instead of repeatedly investing in different parts, it is sometimes better to renovate the entire roof. In this way you avoid duplication of work and you ensure one solid – and watertight – unit.

Costs roof maintenance

The cost of roof maintenance depends entirely on what needs to be done. Does the roof only have to be cleaned? Then this will cost you less than when repairs are needed. The surface area of the roof also determines the costs and the purchase of any new materials. The costs of roof maintenance therefore differ per roof.

Save on costs

Roof maintenance is already a saving in itself, because it prevents expensive interventions in the future and can extend the life of your roof by up to 10 years. But there is more you can do to save on costs. That way you can invest in roof maintenance together with your neighbors. Often the following applies: the larger the roof, the lower the costs per m2. You also save on call-out costs and possible scaffolding rental. Depending on what is required, you can also ask your municipality whether you can apply for a subsidy. For example, municipalities often make subsidies available for roof insulation, with a view to making them more sustainable.
Weather conditions and polluted air constantly affect the roof; roof maintenance is therefore necessary. By properly maintaining the roof, the service life can be extended by up to 10 years. During roof maintenance, the roof is first inspected to determine what is needed. The roof is then cleaned or repaired. The roof covering will be replaced or the entire roof will be renovated. The costs of roof maintenance depend on what is needed. Grants are sometimes made available for larger interventions, such as new roof insulation.

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