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Roof renovation

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You are careful with that roof above your head. However, there may come a time when your roofing here and there – or completely – needs to be replaced. Roof renovation becomes a fact. Save costs, time and a lot of inconvenience, with our saving tips and practical information about roof renovation.

When is a roof renovation required?

A roof renovation is needed when a (large) part of the roof is damaged. Even when a roof has reached its lifetime (30-50 years), it is good to consider a roof renovation. Keep a close eye on the condition of your roof to detect defects in time and to be able to intervene in time.

Do not delay your roof renovation for too long

Intervene in time and don’t let defects pass from bad to worse. So you can with a roof repair whether a relatively minor intervention has already been helped or renovates in time and prevents having to install a completely new roof (with construction). This saves you a lot of costs and inconvenience.

Roof renovation costs

The costs of a roof renovation in the Netherlands depend entirely on the type of roof, flat or sloping, the construction, the age of the roof and any defects. To be able to identify the costs, you must be advised by an experienced roofer. Trudodak offers you 100% free advice and sketches an accurate cost tag for your roof renovation.

When is a roof renovation required?

A roof renovation may be necessary in the event of various defects, damage or when the service life is reached (30-50 years). Examples of defects or damage include:

  • Shifted roof tiles on a sloping roof
  • Cracks in the roof covering a flat roof
  • Broken or missing roof tiles
  • A damaged roof construction

Do you notice defects or damage to the roof? Then do not wait too long before calling in a professional roofer. Minor defects can possibly be repaired relatively quickly and cost-effectively, thus preventing major interventions. Is the damage large or has your roof covering reached its service life? The roofer can then propose a roof renovation.

What does a roof renovation entail?

With a roof renovation, the roof covering is partially or completely replaced. After this you will again have a strong and waterproof roof over your head for years to come. If a roofer proposes a roof renovation, then it is wise to listen to this advice. This is how you prevent annual repairs to the roof. The costs of these repairs can increase considerably and the roof renovation is only postponed with these repairs. It is also possible that the roof construction will be affected in the long term and must be replaced. Listen to the advice of the roofer and intervene on time to prevent high costs.

Call in a professional roofing company

Several construction professionals can perform a repair here and there, but for someone who does not work with roofs on a daily basis, it is difficult to estimate which repair or renovation is really needed. By entering into a dialogue with a professional roofing company, you guarantee the best price and the best results in the long and short term. Ask one of Trudodak’s professional roofers for advice without obligation.

Roof renovation and permits

You may need a permit for a roof renovation in the Netherlands. This depends on the type of roof renovation or any changes to the roof. If it is only necessary to replace the current roof covering – even if you do this with a different material – then no permit is required. If you want to make a change to the roof, you must apply for a permit. Applying for a permit can take several weeks.

In principle, you must apply for a permit for your roof renovation when:
– The supporting structure of your roof changes
– The height, width or thickness of the roof changes
– You occupy a monumental building
– A protected village view applies

In case of doubts about permits for roof renovation, it is best to consult the municipality or your roofer; in most cases they can give you accurate advice.

Save costs with roof renovation

Renovating a roof is a considerable undertaking, which also involves the necessary costs. To prevent you from wasting money on minor repairs, which only postpone the roof renovation – and therefore also the costs thereof – there are a number of things you can consider to save costs and thus make the roof renovation take place earlier:

1. Roof renovations and subsidies

You may be entitled to a subsidy. Roof renovation is often needed with older houses. To make these houses more sustainable, municipalities sometimes offer subsidies for roof renovation and insulation. Before you invest in your roof, it is therefore advisable to check with your municipality what subsidies there are.

2. Invest together with your neighbors

If you live in a terraced house or a two-under-one-roof house, then you may be able to invest in a new roof together with your neighbors. Chances are that your neighbors’ roof was laid in the same year as yours. This means that their roof has the same defects and may also need to be (partially) replaced. So do not hesitate to inform your neighbors about your plans.

  • Often the following applies: the larger the area, the lower the costs per m2
  • You only pay one-off call charges and the rent of a jetty
  • Possible leaks between the old and new roof coverings are prevented and therefore also the repair costs

3. Insulate your roof

Now that you are considering a roof renovation, it can be smart to insulate your roof as well. About 30% of the heat is lost through the roof. With good roof insulation you can save a lot of money on your energy bill. Ask a professional roofer for more information about the investment in roof insulation and the savings on the energy bill.

A roof renovation is an important investment. In the event of defects or damage, it is important to intervene in time to prevent problems from going from bad to worse. A roofer can give you professional advice about the necessary repair or renovation. By renovating your roof on time, you save money on annual repairs and you guarantee yourself a solid and safe roof for now and for the future.

Does your roof show defects or has your roof reached its service life? Then don’t wait any longer and get help from a roofer in time. Get advice from a professional roofer from Trudodak and get clear insight into the costs of your roof renovation or repair.

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