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Roof repair

How can we assist you?

Roof repair of roof damage? Trudodak is your roofer for all your roofing business.

Your roof is one of the most fragile parts of your home. If your roof is suffering from leakages and you don’t act on in immediately, this can result in serious damages to the rest of your home.
We often see that home owners do not immediately act upon damages to their roof. This can cause serious damages after a while.
Most cases of roof damage are results from the lifespan of the roof being reached. This is why it is necessary to do maintenance on your roof every now and again.

Leakage? Act quickly!

Smudgy yellow stains on your ceiling, or a moist feeling room? Clear signs of leakage. As soon as you notice your roof not being waterproof anymore, act immediately.
The longer you wait repairing your roof, the more the roof construction gets affected, and the higher the costs will be.
If you are quick to act on it, it is often the case that it can be fixed with small repairs, which are a lot cheaper than getting the roof replaced.

When is roof repair necessary?

If you notice one of the following problems, it is time to act:

  • leaking water, yellow stains, high humidity in the room underneath the roof.
  • leaky gutters.
  • peeling woodwork.
  • broken leadwork.
  • slanted roof: crooked or even missing roof tiles, damaged or peeling rooftiles, worn seams.
  • flat roof: cracks in the roofing, broken trims, large amounts of water on the roof.

Roof repair of a flat roof

How does a roof repair work in case of a flat roof, and what can you do to save costs?
A roof repair on a flat roof consists of the following steps:

  1. Analysing the problem: If your roof is easy to reach, you can choose to look for damages yourself. This is the part of the job that is the most time consuming.
    Can’t find the problem? Trudodak has the right equipment to detect any damages.
  2. Roof cleaning: The best state of your roof is a clean state.
    Clearing any water, dirt, or gravel off your roof can be done yourself, but can of course also be done by Trudodak.
  3. Roof repair: Roof repair itself requires precision. Leave this to a professional.
    In case of small damages Trudodak can choose to fix the roof with repair paste, or to add a new layer of roofing to the damaged area.
  4. Check: Trudodak then checks if your roof is waterproof again.

Roof repair on a slanted roof

How does a roof repair work in case of a slanted roof, and what can you do to save costs?

  1. Analyse the problem: Roof damage on a slanted roof is often much easier to find compared to a flat roof.
    You might see a tear in the roof tile, the roof tile is out of place, or roof tiles are missing after an autumn storm.
    You can report those things to Trudodak.
    Harder to detect places are a broken roof ridge, or a faded glazing, resulting in the roof tile letting moisture through.
    If you cannot immediately spot the problem, Trudodak can do it for you.
    With one simple phonecall Erwin from Trudodak will come by to help and advise.
  2. Roof repair: If your roof is in good state, Trudodak can replace missing or broken roof tiles, so you and your belongings are safe for the coming years.
    If the glazing on your roof tiles is faded, odds are that your roof tiles have reached their lifespan and need replacing.
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