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Fixing a leakage in your roof?

Are you experiencing a leaky roof, or another problem with your roof? Then you came to the right place. A leaky roof or ceiling can have severe consequences and fixing your roof leakage is very important.

Are you having a problem with your roof, then never hesitate to call us and have an expert take a look. He wil quickly find the problem, and fix it as soon as possible. If you respond quickly, most problems are resolved easily.

It doesn’t matter whether your roof is flat or slanted, regular maintenance is very important. A leaky roof is often a bigger problem than you might at first expect. We would be happy to help you with any leaks in your roof. Fixing leaks, whether your roof is flat or slanted, is peanuts to us.

Gutter repair

Repairing a gutter is also a possibility. A leaky gutter can lead to big damages, and needs repair quickly. A leakage in your gutter is often only noticed when it’s already too late. The seriousness depends on the size of the leaky gutter. We fix your leaky gutter in no time!

Roof leakage can have multiple different causes. After a rough storm or a thunderstorm your roof can be damaged, which leads to leakages. Also fire, vermin and old age can cause leakages in your roof.

You can reach us on our phone number EMERGENCY LINE: 06-51279658 which will connect you to the right person. You can also leave a message on the number 040-2539151.

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