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Lead & zinc works

De Ark Eindhoven Plat Dak Trudodak dakdekkers

Lead- and zinc works form the “gilded” edge to your roofing; a stylish and solid finish. Lead and zinc are used to finish off several elements of the roof. They are reliable materials that have been used in building construction for ages.

What are lead- and zinc works?

Lead and zinc are pretty, strong, and flexible materials with a long lifespan. This is why these materials are extremely fit for the finishing of several roof elements, like gutters, downsprouts, roof facades, dormers, “deklijsten”, “bakgoten”, “kopgevels”, and chimneys. Zinc also has a good use as roofing for round shaped roofs, like sheer roofs and “roef” roofs, or other modern building styles.

When do they need replacing?

It is important to replace lead- and zinc works timely. If you don’t, this can results in problems like rust, moist, or leakages. Most zinc works last around 30 to 40 years, and need replacing. It’s sensible to inspect other lead and zinc elements of the roof after a while. This way you prevent damage and big repairs.

Bespoke zinc work

There are no two buildings alike, and neither are their lead- and zinc works. In order to make sure the roof is neat and waterproof it is of great important to customize the zinc works. This way you make sure the zinc roofing or gutters match the style of the building. Zinc works and zinc roofing are extremely durable. A sustainable investment.

Costs of lead- and zinc works

Pricing of lead- and zinc works depend a lot on the building and the amount of necessary customization. The price of zinc works on average is higher than alternative materials that could be used for roofing. The long lifespan of lead and zinc make it an investment that earns itself back easily over time.

Lead and zinc are used to finish several parts of the roof, like the dormer, the chimney, and the gutter. These materials are durable, strong, and flexible, and last a long time. In most cases zinc- and lead works are custom made. The price of lead- and zinc works depend on the amount custom work necessary. Because of the low maintenance costs and long lifespan, lead- and zincworks are investments that easily earn themselves back over time.

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