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Roof insulation outside

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A well insulated roof prevents heat loss. Roof insulation ensures you of a warm and cozy home. Roofs can be insulated both from the inside, aswell as from the outside. Insulating from the inside is regarded as a more traditional measure, but the more modern way of insulating from the outside is gaining in popularity. Roof insulation from the outside brings a couple of advantages.

Advantages of outside isolation

Roof isolation from the outside – also known as roof sarking – have a couple of advantages. An important advantage of outside roof isolation is the fact that the inside of the home remains the same, and no space gets lost. A roof sarking can be realised relatively quickly, while the home remains habitable. The isolation layer is uninterrupted, preventing thermal bridges. The isolation material on the outside of the roof offers an extra layer of protection to the roof construction aswell.

Disadvantages of outside isolation.

Realising a good airtightness can be a challenge when applying isolation from the outside. In order to properly isolate a roof from the outside, some necessary craftsmanship is required. The isolation material used in roof sarking is often less sound proof compared to default isolation materials like glass wool.

The costs of isolating the roof from the outside. Roof isolation is an investment that earns its self back in savings on the energy bill. There are other ways to save on costs aswell, like subsidies or investing together with your neighbors.

Costs roof isolation outside

The costs of isolation a roof from the outside are often higher that the costs of isolating a roof from the inside, and they depend on multiple factors, such as the isolation material, the surface area of the roof, and the current state of the roof. Existing roofing needs to be removed, and the roof should be finished off again after isolation. This means isolating an old slanted roof has different costs compared to isolating a new flat roof.

In some cases the current roof tiles of the slanted roof can be used as cover material. Though it is often the case that the old roof tiles are damaged, meaning they are no longer fit to protect your roof. The isolation layer can also cause the old tiles not to fit anymore, leaving the need to replace them.

New roof isolation is an investment that earns itself back by saving on the energy bill. In order to keep the investment costs low, you can consider investing together with your neighbors, since bigger surface areas result in a lower cost per m2. It is often possible as well to apply for a subsidy that most municipalities offer to promote sustainability.

Subsidies and energy savings in your own home

In order to be eligible for subsidies the insulation value Rd needs to be at least 3.5 m2K/W. Floor, facade and cavity wall need to be isolated as well. These subsidies are made available for owners associations and housing associations.

Roof insulation is of great importance, especially in older homes. Heat rises and escape through the roof if you roof insulation is not up to standard. There are different ways of insulating your roof, such as inside insulation and outside insulation. Roof insulation from the outside has a couple of advantages, and work for flat roofs, as uwell as for slanted roofs. The costs of roof insulation can be seen as an investment, and they earn themselves back through savings on the energy bill. In order to help pay for the investment you can apply for subsidies, which municipalities often offer in order to promote sustainability.

In order to get the right investment with the best efficiency, it’s highly recommended to use a specialist. A specialist can help you decide on which way of insulation works best for you, and help pick materials.

If you want to save on your energy bill and invest on outside roof insulation? Get obligation free advice and get an accurate cost overview from one of Trudodak’s specialists.

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