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Roof replacement

A roof has a lot to endure and after a while it can need replacing. A damaged, leaky, or old roof can have some serious consequences – for your home, aswell as your health. When a roof is showing deficits, it is important to act timely, replace the roof, or repair it.

Reasons for replacing your roof

There can be multiple reasons in order to replace your roof, like asbestos, moist, rotten wood, or a sagging roof construction.

  • Asbestos

Until the Eighties asbestos was commonly used in construction. This includes roofs. The use of asbestos in constructions prohibited nowadays due to the health risks the material poses. However old buildings can still contain asbestos. Trudodak is not able to remove asbestos.

  • Moist and rotten wood

Moist and rotten wood are often results of extreme weather conditions and a lacking roofing situation. Even insects, like woodworm and termites, can seriously damage your roofing. In both cases, the roofing needs to be replaced.

  • A sagging roof

Sagging purlins can be a result of too heavy loads, or a too weak roof construction. A sagged roof does not always have to be completely replaced. A roofer can in some cases reinforce the sagged construction, and realign the roof.

Replacing an asbestos roof

An old roof is more brittle, and with that more vulnerable to damage. The older the roof, the bigger the risk of loose asbestos fibers. When considering your health it is a strong recommendation to replace your asbestos roof. A complete prohibition of asbestos roofs is currently being worked on by the government, looking to start from 2024.

Rules asbestos roof

For the safety of you and your surroundings, there are a multitude of rules regarding replacing asbestos roofs.

As the owner of a property you are the one responsible for getting rid of the asbestos roof. Before you replace the roof, you are obligated to notify the municipality with a destruction notification. Are you planning on removing the asbestos yourself? Keep in mind that this is not always allowed. In these cases you are obligated to hire a certified asbestos removing company.

  • the asbestos roof is already damaged
  • the roof is bigger than 35m2
  • your roof contains asbestos roof slates
  • the asbestos roof is on a company building

Trudodak is not able to remove asbestos.

Subsidy removing asbestos roof

You can qualify for a subsidy for removing your asbestos roof. An important condition is that you have a certified asbestos removal company do the job. The subsidy is meant for private entities, non-profit organisations, companies and governments.

Replace roof and roof tiles

Often roof tiles get replaced when the roof gets replaced. To renew the construction of the roof the roofing needs to be removed. If the roof tiles are still good and the new roof construction doesn’t change the roof, the same roofing can be reused. In order to optimally protect the new roof, it is recommended to replace the roofing in case of broken or porous roof tiles.

Replaing roof tiles and isolation

When a roof is getting replaced, it often gets (re)isolated aswell. If the roof is already isolated, the material needs to be removed anyway in order to be able to replace the roof construction. Flat roofs are isolated from the outside by default. In slanted roofs, the isolation can be placed on the inside, aswell as on the outside.. When a roof is isolated on the outside, it might be necessary to replace the roof tiles. The layer of isolation makes for a thicker roof, resulting in the current roof tiles not fitting anymore.

Costs and savings

Replacing a roof can be costly, especially when combined with new isolation and roofing. A new roof is an investment, with a high return.

  • Prevent repair costs

A solid and waterproof roof prevents damage (by moisture) to the rest of your home, and thus prevents further repair and renovation costs

  • Save on your energy bill

A lot of heat is lost through the roof. Good roof isolation earns itself back twice in savings on the energy bill.

  • Request subsidy

With sustainability and safety in mind you can also apply for different subsidies. You can inform wether you are eligible for a subsidy to remove your asbestos roof, or isolate the roof of your home.

  • Invest with your neighbor

To save costs you can ask your neighbors whether they are planning to replace their roof or roofing aswell. Adjourning houses are often built in the same year, which leads to the roof needing replacement around the same time aswell. By investing in a new roof together with your neighbor you save on travelcosts among other things. It is often the case that the bigger the roof, the lower the costs per m2 of roofing.

Permit new roof

In order to replace a roof, you may need a permit. This is generally the case when replacing a roof changes the view of your house. Think of different roofing or a different color roof tiles. For a new facade, a dormer, or skylights, you also need a permit. When using a similar construction and roofing, you dont need a permit.

A solid and waterproof roof is of great importane, for your house, aswell as your health. There are multiple reason a roof needs replacing. It can contain asbestos, or the construction can be sagging or rotten. When replacing a roof it is often considered to also replace the roofing, or apply isolation. Replacing your roof is an important investment that easily earns itself back in savings on the energy bill, and on possible repair costs. Often a subsidy can be requested when replacing a roof. A permit is only necessary when it changes the view of the house.

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