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Replacing roof tiles

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What is a roof without roof tiles? You want to take care of those roof tiles. Occasionally they need replacing; a job that’s has more to it than meets the eye.

When do roof tiles have to be replaced?

Roof tiles can fall over time, or become porous. When isolation is applied from the outside, the roof tiles often need to be replaced. Sometimes, different color roof tiles are used as a quick solution to broken or dirty tiles.

Don’t postpone replacing roof tiles

It is important to replace roof tiles in time. They are an important layer of protection of your roof. Any missing or broken tiles can have nasty consequences. The rest of the roof can get damaged, leakages may form, or the roof construction may be affected. By replacing your roof tiles in time, larger problems can be avoided.

Costs of replacing roof tiles

De costs of replacing roof tiles is completely dependent on the surface of the roof. Another important factor is whether or not more needs replacing or renovation, like dormers, gutters, or roof constructions. Any possible isolation, and a choosing hinged roof, or the artisanal way of laying rooftiles are also important factors for the pricing.

Reasons to replace roof tiles

Replacing roof tiles can be a necessity due to damages, missing tiles, or the lifespan (30-50 years, depending on materials) being reached. Replacement is often necessary in the following cases:

  • Broken or porous roof tiles
  • Missing roof tiles
  • Contaminated or discolored

Missing or broken roof tiles can bring a lot of troubles, like leakages or an affected roof construction. If your roof is showing deficits, do not wait too long replacing the roof tiles in order to prevent bigger problems and high costs.

What does replacing roof tiles include?

Roof tiles are (partially) replaced, for which a hinged roof can be used, or the artisanal carpented method. During the replacement job, other roof renovations can be executed if necessary.
Replacing roof tiles is often accompanied with applying new isolations aswell.

Concrete or ceramic roof tiles

Choosing between ceramic or conrete roof tiles is mostly a matter of taste. The different tiles have different shapes, colors and appearance. This choice depends on what is most suitable for your home, and what you like.

Concrete roof tiles
Concrete roof tiles are made out of hardened cement. Conrete roof tiles are often viewed as more environmentally friendly. The tiles are produced without an oven, and offer a number of possibilities for technical innovations. The tiles are heat resistant aswell, and can be supplied with an air filitering coating.

Ceramic roof tiles

Ceramic roof tiles are made out of river clay, which makes the tiles a purely natural product. De supply of resources is unlimited, and nature itself keeps on producting new clay. In order to produce new tiles an oven is used.

Get your roof tiles laid by a professional

Even if you can replace the occasional roof tile yourself, or get it done by a construction company, it’s sensible to take on a professional roofer for bigger roof renovations. A professional roofer is better at judging your roof, and estimate which possible renovations or reparations are necessary. This way you guarantee the best result, the best price, and prevents you from nasty surprises later on. Ask one of Trudodak’s professional roofers for obligation free advice.

Roof replacement and permits

It is possible that you need a permit in order to replace your roof. When it is just the replacement of the current roofing, you do not need a permit. If you want to change your roof when replacing the roof tiles, it is necessary to get a permit. Always take in to account the couple of weeks that it may take to get a permit.

You can expect a permit to be necessary in the following situations:
– De construction of your roof changes
– The height, width or thickness of your roof changes
– You live in a monumental building
– Your house is part of the protected village view

If you have doubts about the need for a permit, contact your municipality or your roofer.

Replacing roof tiles and saving costs

Replacing roof tiles can be a large job. This means it can be a costly job. But, postponing the replacement of roof tiles can lead to more damages and higher costs. It is important to invest in new roof tiles timely. There are a few options you can consider in order to save costs.

1. Roof tile replacement and subsidies

It is possible that you are eligible for a subsidy. Often the older houses are in need of roof tile replacement. With the focus on sustainability, municipalities offer subsidies for replacing roof tiles.

2. Replace roof tiles together with your neighbors

If you live in a semi detached house or a terraced house you can decide to replace the roof tiles together with your neighbor. The roof of your neighbors often is from the same year, so odds are that the roof tiles need replacing around the same time. By replacing the roof together, you are likely to pay less per m2 and you only have to pay travel costs and scaffolding rental once.

3. Get your roof isolated aswell

When replacing the roof tiles, it can be a good moment to isolate your roof aswell. Did you know that around 30% of the heat escapes through the roof? By isolating your roof well you safe a lot on monthly energy bills. Your roofer can provide you with more information about isolation and cost saving.

Replacing the roof tiles is a job you cannot ignore. By replacing your roof tiles timely, you prevent possible leakages or other damages to the roof. A roofer can give you obligation free advice about the state of your roof, replacing the roof tiles, and possible repairs.

Missing or broken roof tiles? Don’t wait too long replacing them. Get obligation free advice from professional roofer Trudodak and learn everything you need to know about replacing roof tiles.

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