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The roof of your home gets a lot to endure over the years. It is not a surprise then that it needs replacing after a while. The cost of a new roof depends on job, the necessary materials, and the type of roof. A new roof is an investment that earns itself back easily. With a solid, waterproof, and well isolated roof you save on your monthly energy bill, and you prevent leakages and possible future repairs.

What does a new roof cost?

A professional roofer can give you personal advice, and give you a clear price indication. The costs of a new root depend on different factors:

  • Which parts of the roof need to be replaced? The roof construction, the isolation, the roofing, or the entire roof?
  • Are there deficits than can be fixed with repairs?
  • Is it a slanted or a flat roof, and what is the area of the roof?
  • Which material is chosen for the new roofing, and possible isolation?

Costs new roofing

Roofing generally needs to be replaced every 30 years. After some time leakages can form, and roof tiles get brittle or break in a storm. The costs of new roofing depend on the area of the roof and the type of roofing.

Roof tiles exist in different shapes sizes. There are concrete, ceramic, hollow, and flat roof tiles. Every tile has its own price tag.

Concrete roof tiles are cheaper than ceramic tiles, but are not as durable. Concrete roof tiles last around 30 years, and cost between €25 and €40 per m2/.

Ceramic roof tiles are more expensive to purchase, but last around 50 years. They cost between €35 and €65 per m2.

Cost of a new roof and isolation

When replacing the roofing, the state of the roof isolation is also checked. Heat rises, and a lot if it is lost through the roof. Good roof isolation prevents this heat loss and make sure you and your house stay warm. By making sure your roof is well isolated you can save a lot on your monthly energy bill.

Flat roofs are often isolated from the outside, while slanted roofs can be isolated from both the inside, aswell as the outside. The costs of a new roof with isolation depend on the type of roof, the area of the roof, and the isolation material.

You can choose between more traditional isolation materials like glass wool or stone wool, which are relatively cheap, or you can choose for more sustainable materials, like wood fiber or sheep wool, which are more expensive.

Costs completely new roof

In older homes and buildings it can be necessary to replace the entire roof. The roof construction can be sagged, contain asbestos, be rotten, or affected in some other way. When the roof construction and the subroof are showing defects, this can have some bothersome and even dangerous consequences for the rest of your house, and even your own health.For a solide, waterproof, and windproof roof, the roof construction and the subroof need to be in good shape. In some cases small defects can be fixed with local repairs, in other cases the entire roof construction needs to be replaced.

A smart investment

A new roof is a smart investment that earns itself back with ease. The roof protects you and your house against different weather conditions. With a solid and waterproof roof you prevent moisture issues, damages, and other defects; and with that a possibly costly repair job. With good roof isolation you prevent unnecessary heat loss, resulting in savings on your monthly energy bill. By investing in a new roof once, you prevent having to replace the roof construction, the roofing, and the isolation seperately. New roofing, good isolation, and a solid roof construction ensure a strong and waterproof roof.

Subsidies en saving tips

Are the costs higher than you expected? There are different ways to save on those costs.

Request a subsidie

When you want to isolate your roof, you can often apply for a subsidy with your municipality. Municipalities often give out subsidies for sustainability. If your roof also contains asbestos, you can often use a subsidy to safely replace your roof.

Invest together with your neighbors

Adjacent houses are often build in the same year. This means that both you and your neighbor’s roofs are due replacing around the same time. If you do this together, you save on multiple costs, like travel costs, scaffolding rent, and the costs of roofing per m2.

Roofs endure a lot over time, and need replacing every now and again. Sometimes only the roofing or the isolation needs to be replaced. Other times the roof construction needs replacing. The costs are dependent on the required work, the type of roof, and the different materials. A new roof is an investment that earns itself back with ease. You save on monthly energy costs, and prevent future repairs. To lower the costs of a new roof you can apply for subsidies. You can also decide to invest in a new roof together with your neighbor in order to save on costs.

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