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Roof inspection

Your roof is something you’re careful with. A roof inspection every once in a while doesn’t hurt. With a roof inspection you find any possible deficits in time, so you can prevent big repairs or roof replacements.

When to have your roof inspected?

It’s sensible to have your roof inspected every five years. If you buy a new house, getting your roof inspected is a wise move aswell. Are you having problems with your roof, or having doubts? Don’t wait too long getting it inspected.

Why have your roof inspected?

Small problems can have great consequences; this is true aswell for your roof. It is often hard to spot deficits in your roof in time or figure out where they come from.

The different components your roof consists of make your roof strong as a whole. That is why it is important to get all of your roof inspected, because problems may be connected. Different parts of your roof are likely to be built around the same time, and maintained around the same time. This increases the odds of different parts of your roof showing the same problems, needing the same maintenance, or all being replaced.

During an inspection, the entirety of your roof will be inspected, in order to timely detect and prevent serious damages. This way you can solve problems early with only small repairs, and you prevent bigger repairs or replacements of the roof.

Costs roof inspection and advice

The roof will be inspected on different points, and possible deficits will be detected. You will get a clear picture of the current state of your roof, and will receive personalized advice on which repairs or replacements are possible or necessary.

Checklist roof inspection

Dependent on the type of roof – flat or slanted – a roof inspection will check the following points:

  • the roofing
  • lead roof outlet
  • tearing and frost damage to roof tiles
  • water drainage
  • lead chimney
  • seams of the roofing
  • zinc gutters
  • skylight and dormer

It is sensible to have your roof inspected every five years, or whenever you buy a new home. By having your roof inspected you detect future problems in time. Most problems can be immediately solved, preventing damages, big repairs, or replacements. You will get a clear picture of the current state of your roof, and personalized advice about possible improvements of the roof.

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