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Roof cleaning

For a durable roof, it is important to keep it clean. This way you prevent moisture getting in to the roof tiles, cracks forming, and the tiles becoming brittle. Moisture is better disposed of, and leakages are prevented. A clean roof is a shining roof; a nice roof that gives optimal protection.

Why clean a roof?

A roof has a lot to endure, not only during extreme weather conditions. Polluted air, rain, wind, and sun leave traces daily, like dirt, algae, and moss. Especially roofs facing north, which get little sun, have an increased chance of developing mosses and algae. Dirt, algae, and mosses anchor themselves in the roof, and decrease the roof’s capability of disposing of moisture. Instead the moisture remains on the roof tiles, after which it gets absorbed by the tiles. The makes them become brittle, cracked, and leaky. On top of that, moss can affect the roof isolation aswell.

In short, a dirt roof can no longer do its job correctly. Roof cleaning is of great importance, and can extend the durability of your roof by as much as 10 years. By regular cleaning you make sure your roof can handle rough winds and rain. Besides, a clean and shining roof looks a lot more representative.

What happens when cleaning a roof?

Cleaning a roof can be a challenging job, in which the height aswell as the slipperiness can pose safety risks. It is recommended to let a professional roofer do the job.

Inspection & preparation

A roofer inspects the roof to determine which kind of dirt affected the roof in which ways. Dependent on the type of your roof, flat or slanted, and the type of roofing, it is determined which way of cleaning gives the best results. Next the right cleaning materials for the roof get selected and the roof gets prepared. Things like the gutter and such are removed to prevent moss and dirt piling up and clogging the gutter.

Roof cleaning

Moss removal

If the roof is affected by mosses it’s important to act on it as soon as possible. A roof gets its moss removed with a high pressure cleaner, with or without cleaning products. This decision depends on the type of roof, and the extend to which it is affected. When removing moss it’s important to use the high pressure cleaner at the correct angle, to prevent water getting in any seams.

General cleaning

Even when there is no moss on the roof it’s sensible to get it cleaned regularly. This way any extra dirt is removed, and any development of moss or algae is prevented. In most cases roofs are cleaned with a high pressure cleaner and hot water. In case of severe pollution, cleaning products are an option. Slated roofs are cleaned with low pressure, because of their vulnerability.

Gutter cleaning

After a while, leaves, moss, and other dirt starts piling up in the gutter, resulting in blockages. A clogged gutter can lead to leakages and moisture in the walls. That’s why it is important to clean the gutter and drainpipes regularly.


To protect the roof against dirt and keep it clean for longer, it can be sprayed with a disinfectant. It can also be provided of an extra protective coating.

Costs of roof cleaning

The costs of cleaning a roof depend on the roof, the roofing, the pollution, and the necessary activities. You can think of cleaning your roof as an investment. By cleaning it regularly you prevent damage, high repair costs, and possible replacement of the roof. By cleaning your roof you may extend its durability by 10 years.

Mosses, algae and other dirt can affect your roof. Moisture is no longer disposed of, resulting in brittle roof tiles, cracks, leakages, and damaged roof isolation. This makes it important to clean your roof timely. The roof gets inspected, prepared, gets its moss removed or cleaned. The gutter gets cleaned aswell, to prevent blockages from leaves, dirt and moss. By cleaning your roof timely and regularly you prevent expensive repairs or replacements of your roof.

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